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On 26 May 1716, a Royal warrant was raised by King George I for two regular Companies of Artillery. The title “Royal Artillery” was first used four years later in 1720. Since then, The Royal Regiment of Artillery has been involved in almost every Battle and Operation the Army has fought in its 300 year history. 

The Royal Regiment of Artillery are the Senior Regiment of the British Army and our Motto is ‘Ubique’, which means ‘everywhere’. As such, we are no longer granted Battle Honours and our Colours are our Guns.

The second part of our Regimental Motto “Quo Fas et Gloria Ducunt” (Where Right and Glory Lead) was awarded to the Regiment by King William IV in 1832 in recognition for distinguished service around the world.

The Crown on our Cap Badge is the same as the one worn by Our Late Queen Elizabeth II.

The Gun depicted on our Cap Badge is a 9 Pounder Rifled Muzzle Loader of about 1871, and the Rammer used to ram the charge into the muzzle is also seen to the left of the carriage wheel.

Lewes Branch Royal Artillery Association is based in Lewes, the County Town of East Sussex and was formed on 5 April 1993 - see our Formation Certificate here.

For more information about The Royal Artillery and its history visit:

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